Kind Habits

We the parents.

About Kind Habits

Kind Habits was created for a family to families. We specialized in educated families with different workshops with topics like how to communicate with your children in a kind and successful way, Montessori philosophy at home, positive discipline, tools for parents to use at home so they enjoy parenthood now, and create good relationships with their children for the future.

"Helping parents and children understand each other better, enjoy parenthood, and appreciate these precious early childhood years".

Join us

We are very proud of creating connections and give good tools to parents to enjoy parenthood! Our team is very passionate about its work and we are all committing to people and a big change for our society.

We stand for young kids and their amazing parents. We help you to create a healthy, challenging childhood environment. That environment both helps parents stay sane and kids to develop good habits.   
Let's do this. We the Parents.